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Server rack technology from 19 Zoll-Tec

19 Zoll-Tec who is that?

19 Zoll-Tec is the specialist for server cabinets in the special designs. We are not satisfied with standard server cabinets, but we are enthusiastic about customer-specific solutions. We are an experienced team. You will find our company headquarters in Bingen am Rhein. Our experience in 19 inch technology is based on over 15 years of professional experience with projects involving 19 inch cabinets, racks and enclosures. This proximity to this special technology also results in the name of our company "19 Zoll-Tec GmbH". Before the naming we had called ourselves "Technikcoach", hence the original address of our online shop.

19-inch technology? That's us!

Server cabinet or network cabinet?

Our technical solutions are initially divided into the standard version of 19" server cabinets and the almost identical design, with a smaller depth, the 19" network cabinet.

You don't always need a large 19-inch cabinet. A small version for under or next to the table is often sufficient. To make it easy to find them, we have dedicated a separate section on server cabinets. For small network cabinets, a separate area is also set up for the 19-inch network cabinet. Tips and information about the server cabinet, network cabinet and 19-inch rack can be found in our blog.

Since we specialize in the special expansion of 19-inch cabinets, we offer soundproofed 19-inch server cabinets in our shop. Of course, the network cabinet is also insulated.

In 19" racks that require special active cooling, the server rack is air-conditioned with the version with the deep 19" racks. The less deep 19" cabinets can also be air-conditioned and can be found under network cabinet air-conditioned. A special feature of the refrigerated 19" cabinets is the wall cabinet with Peltier cooling. A purely electric cooling system for cooling small 19 inch housings.

Whether server cabinet or network cabinet both need the suitable 19 inch accessories.

Here is a selection of the 19 inch elements that are often used in a 19 inch cabinet.

If several servers are to be administered in one server rack, an Admin Console is recommended, which can be installed in the rack and requires only little space. It is possible to administrate up to 32 servers with one Admin Console.