open 19 inch frame & Rack´s

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19 inch frame / laboratory racks / open rack

These 19 inch frames provide a very cost effective mounting solution for numerous applications in the field of network technology and electronics.
The 19" frames and laboratory racks are particularly suitable for areas where frequent and fast access to the built-in components must be ensured.

19 inch frames, which can also be used as laboratory racks or as racks, are designed to accommodate 19 inch elements. Ideal for laboratories and universities for fast availability and access to 19 inch technology.

Advantages of the 19 inch frame

  •     Cost-effective solution
  •     very robust design
  •     Open construction
  •     Open cooling
  •     Mobile due to optional castors
  •     Fast access to technology

    New in our assortment are small rack stands / rack frames which can be used as table rack and mini network stands. The version 19 inch table rack 6 HE and the version 19 inch table rack 12 HE.