Mini rack

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Mini-Rack 10"

Die kleine Loesung - 10 Zoll Mini-Rack von hoher Qualität mit 7 HE Montagehöhe
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What is a Mini Rack?

It doesn't always have to be a big rack to house the 9 inch technology. Often a small 19 inch server rack is sufficient - a mini rack or server rack small.

A mini rack is often used where only a few fixtures are needed. The rack starts with a mounting height of 4 HE (U) and reaches up to 27 HE. Here it concerns 19 inches Rack´s which find their place under the table (Office Rack) or on the table (table Rack). The Mini Rack is also often used as a half-height server cabinet (small server cabinet) next to the desk. Many of our small server racks are soundproofed to make noisy technology at the workplace more bearable.

Advantages of a Mini Rack´s

  •     Compact, space-saving design
  •     Various versions for easy adaptation to the environment
  •     Under desk version fits under desk
  •     Table Rack soundproofed for the ergonomic workplace