Server rack for the data center

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What do you need a server rack for?

The 19" rack is for the organization of several servers, as it is practiced in data centers, very robust 19 inch rack are used. This version 19 inch server rack is massively constructed and is characterized by a higher carrying capacity. A server rack must be reinforced so that the 19" rack server and also a heavy UPS can be installed in it. Ideal for a server rack is the preparation for the assembly of several Rack´s to a continuous unit (cluster) to build a data center. Not only the mechanical preparation for the assembly of server racks must be possible, but also the preparation for the optimal cable routing in the server rack is the prerequisite for a simple installation of the 19 inch technology in the server rack network. The system can be continued into a completely insulated cell, the server housing, with cold/hot aisle and integrated cooling for energy optimization. Raised floors are used and the supply and exhaust air are processed separately.

The new 19-inch RTA rack from Triton meets all the criteria for a server rack for professional use. Due to its high carrying capacity of up to 1500 kg, the Server Rack can be used as a single rack in a small and medium-sized company and is also suitable for setting up rack clusters.

A special position with the server racks takes the small server racks which we lead as a server rack small. There, one or two servers can be placed directly next to the workstation.

If the technology directly at the workstation is too loud, the server rack becomes a small Office Rack 12 HE. This is what we call our Office Rack soundproofed.

Are the access points to the installation site for your server rack too narrow for a server rack to transport? No problem for the new server rack variant "RYA". The new rack version can be completely dismantled and now transport problems are solved through narrow doors. There is no need to compromise the stability of the server Rack´s. The rack can be assembled and disassembled several times using special screws without any instability coming to light. In addition, the dismountable rack is just as strong as the welded RTA version. It carries 1200 kg, and with optional reinforcements even 1500 kg. To find in the shop under: 19 inch rack dismountable

Our server racks with a width of 800mm are already prepared for the future: "ETSI ready".