Server rack air-conditioned

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Why are server cabinets air-conditioned?

Air-conditioned EDP cabinets are the centre in which all important EDP processes take place for small and medium-sized companies. They are small autonomous data centers around the active components that are necessary for a functioning technology to ensure an optimal environment. It is not an entire room with an air conditioning system that is kept at the right temperature, but a single cabinet. This saves space and energy costs. Cooling technology usually consists of modern compact cooling units, which already contain the entire control technology and are therefore also called compact systems. In general, the cooling systems are often placed on the rack roof or on the side. The rack itself should be sealed, i.e. relatively tight, to prevent the ingress of ambient air. This avoids the formation of condensate.

Server cabinets with roof-mounted cooling unit

Especially in very confined spaces, such as small rooms, you try to save space and then place the cooling unit directly on the roof of the server rack. The warm air can simply be extracted under the server rack roof and then pressed back into the interior in a cooled state.

Server cabinets with side cooling unit

Compact side cooling units can be mounted on all 4 sides of a server rack. They are very flat, so that little space is taken up. As a result, the housings of the side cooling units are rather longer in order to extract the warm air from the upper server cabinet area and to be able to blow in the cooled air again in the lower area.

Server cabinets with water cooling unit

In principle, the air/water side cooling unit functions in the same way as the compact side cooling unit. However, the cooling medium is not completely in the cooling unit, but is cooled in an outdoor unit. The cooling medium is water and is always circulated to all required points and centrally cooled.

Side module with split climate

The side module with integrated split air conditioning indoor unit occupies a special position in the rack cooling. Due to the special design, the server cabinet cooling is very quiet and effective. The modern inverter technology allows a stepless control of the cooling, which uses only as much energy as is just necessary. This is particularly important for positioning the outdoor unit (for cooling the coolant), as the noise level is correspondingly low. The side module can be screwed to the side of existing cabinets and the cool air can be pressed directly in front of the 19" plane. The side module is whisper-quiet in operation and ideal for office use, together with the acoustic cabinet.

Server rack with cold aisle system

In this server rack program, attention is paid to the strict separation of warm and cold areas in the rack. There is no direct mixing of cooled air and warm process air in the rack itself. All open areas in the server cabinet are closed and cooled air can only enter the rack via the 19" mounting level. It is a rack with its own housing system to make even more effective use of the air cooled by a compact cooling unit. Under server rack air-conditioned with cold aisle system you will find a corresponding server rack.