small server rack

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Why a small server rack?

Large server cabinets are not always required. Especially in offices or practices, the entire IT technology must be packed into a small server cabinet.

Small server cabinets are a special field at 19 inch-Tec, since the small server cabinets are often required to meet higher demands and more flexibility than for a standard server cabinet. Small server cabinets that are placed in the office are often soundproofed and designed so that they can be used directly at the workplace.

Advantages of a small server cabinet

  • low space requirement
  • All technical devices are centralized in the rack
  • Frequently flexible due to rollers
  • Versions in various materials, suitable for the environment
  • Version with sound insulation for the ergonomic workplace
  • Complete equipment with cooling system                                                                                                          

Many suitable and helpful additional elements can be found in our online shop under 19 inch accessories

Here are some variants of the small server rack you will find here:

We supply small server cabinets in the standard version with all elements that a small server cabinet must have.

The version of small server rack with 12 U, which was specially designed as an "under-table version".

For the office, as a small soundproof server rack, our Office Rack 12 HE is ideal for the installation of active components directly at the workplace.

Furthermore, our server container, which is also soundproofed, is also a version of the small server cabinet, whereby there is only room for one stand server in the server container.