19 Inch Rack

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19 inch rack in the data center?

We offer our customers different solutions from different manufacturers. Differences between the different server racks can be found in width, depth and height. Also the load capacity of the Rack´s is different. Some cabinet versions are equipped with mesh doors, others can be retrofitted with perforated doors or side panels.

Especially worth mentioning is the new 19 inch rack of the Triton RTA cabinet. It meets the criteria of a server rack of the Server rack type which is often used in data centers.  The 19" rack is a new development and similar in design to the well-known Triton RMA rack, but can carry up to 1200kg of weight. The RTA-19" rack with 800mm width can be increased to 1500kg by optional struts. Different variants are coordinated in such a way that a solution is offered for almost every requirement of the installation. We realize special solutions individually for our customers, so that the desired rack corresponds to our customer's wishes.

The free-standing distributors are delivered fully equipped. 19 inch grid rails, earthing set, levelling feet and cable outlet brush are already included in the scope of delivery.