KVM switches

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What do you need KVM switches for?

A KVM switch, the abbreviation stands for Keyboard Video Mouse: Keyboard-Screen-Mouse-Switch. A KVM switch makes it possible to control several computers with only one mouse, one keyboard and one screen, which is connected to the system to be controlled by means of a switch.

We offer the following KVM switches:

   - KVM standard: KVM 4 Port, 1U; KVM 8 Port, 1U; and KVM 16 Port, 1U
   - KVM with IP module: IP KVM 4 port, 1U; IP KVM 8 port, 1U; and IP KVM 16 port, 1U
   - KVM Desktop Switch (USB/DVI): 2 Port KVM Desktop Switch; 4 Port KVM Desktop Switch; 8 Port KVM Desktop Switch
   - USB KVM Extender: XTENDEX - USB KVM Extender