19 Inch Accessories

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19 Inch Accessories

  • Gear tray - Shelf
  • patch panel
  • Fan/Cooling
  • Admin Console
  • power distributor
  • rack monitoring
  • Multiple socket outlet - PDU

Various ventilation units for different applications are offered so that the heat can be brought out of the server cabinet and no accumulated heat is generated in the 19-inch cabinet.

19" shelves are available to support heavy installations or to store elements that do not have a 19" mounting. These are often referred to as equipment carriers, trays, etc.

tidiness in the server rack is often difficult. A multitude of cables makes some administrators despair. But right at the beginning of the construction you can keep the overview by a strategic arrangement of the different cables with a clever cable management.

Blind plates are not only used for optical purposes. If open areas in the 19 inch mounting area are closed, this also serves to guide the cooling. Especially with our air-conditioned server racks, open areas (racks with cold aisle systems) are closed to achieve effective cooling.