Network cabinet for EDP technology

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Network cabinets in various designs

Network cabinets are standardized for the accommodation of devices and components in 19 inch construction. 19 inch, meaning the width of the built-in devices from the center left of the mounting holes to the right mounting holes, corresponds to a width of 482.6 mm. IEC standard 60297 is the international definition of the standard. In Germany, the standard is listed under DIN 41494.

Network cabinets as a centre for the distribution of IT technology is the primary task of a network cabinet.

In order to structure the whole range of different network cabinets, we have subdivided our network cabinets into a number.

  • 19 inch network cabinet for the standard 19" network cabinet
  •  Small network cabinet for small projects
  •  Network cabinet Wall mounting for data distribution in the wall cabinet
  •  Air-conditioned network cabinet for cooled network cabinets
  •  Network cabinet sound-insulates the design against technical noise
  • Network cabinet frame the easy way to install 19" technology

The optional extensions of the network cabinets such as shelves, fans, etc. can be found under 19-inch accessories.

Do network cabinets need to be cooled?
Active components are also used in the 19-inch network cabinets, which produce heat according to their power dissipation. The continuous cooling of network cabinets is realized by fans. These are placed on the outer shell of a network cabinet, preferably in the roof. Fan Cassettes with several fans and possibly also with a temperature-controlled thermostat effectively bring a negative pressure into the network cabinets, which draws the accumulated process heat from the network cabinet. The standard fan cassette version is used in all Triton network enclosures. In areas where less fan noise is important, particularly quiet fan cassettes with silent fans are used.

If you want to extend the cooling, e.g. with a compact cooling unit, the action should be considered with caution. Network cabinets with cooling units should be leak-proof to a large extent. The tightness is important, since condensation water can form from the cooling unit due to the temperature differences of the room air (which can flow unhindered through open network cabinets) and the cold air produced, which must be avoided at all costs. You should therefore not use normal network cabinets with a cooling unit.

What network enclosures do you supply?
19-inch-Tec has been offering Triton floorstanding distributors for many years. These are particularly popular due to a positive price/performance ratio. Our customers are also happy to accept special designs that we realize on site in Bingen. But you can also obtain other manufacturers of server cabinets from us. Designs that are exposed to particular stresses can be found in our online shop.

How are network cabinets delivered?
Our network cabinets are always shipped in assembled condition (except Flat Pack) by a forwarding agent. All network cabinets are completely equipped with 19 inch mounting rails, levelling feet, cable brush and earthing set. Additional elements such as shelves, fans, etc. are not included in the scope of delivery of the server racks, but must be ordered separately (19-inch accessories). If you have any questions about which versions fit the selected network cabinet, please contact our specialists at 06721/3092601.

Before the delivery of your ordered network cabinet, you will be contacted by telephone by the forwarding agent to coordinate the server cabinet handover. Therefore, always state the telephone number where you can be reached.