Server cabinet soundproofed

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Why is a server cabinet soundproofed?

The IT technology that every company needs is becoming more compact and is very often placed in the work area, e.g. in the office. The technology used produces heat that must be evacuated from the server cabinet. The noises of the installed technology as well as the operating noises disturb the environment. Our server cabinets are used in this sensitive area. These special server cabinets are all lined with acoustic insulation inside and equipped with a special ventilation system with blow-in and blow-out fans. This serves for diagonal ventilation of the server rack.

The advantages of server cabinets are soundproofed:

  • Installed IT technology no longer disrupts the environment
  • Completely equipped
  • With integrated cooling system
  • Different designs, suitable for every environment
  • Delivery Ready for operation

To equip the server rack according to your wishes we offer further elements in our shop under 19 inch accessories.

Selection of the right server rack insulated

In order to minimize the noise of a server rack, it is important to make the right choice of built-in devices. In general, one should make an effort to provide active components that produce little noise, i.e. select active components that have quiet fans installed.

The power dissipation of the installed components should also be taken into account and not be too high, as the heat produced must be evacuated from the server cabinet by the silent fans of the sound-insulated server cabinet.