Server cabinets in 19 inch technology

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Server cabinets (EDP cabinets) are the centre of a company. It can be said that almost every company depends on the functioning of its IT infrastructure. This IT is centrally installed in server cabinets. A functioning IT system with its own servers in IT cabinets makes an increasing contribution to security, which is also required by the EU-DSGV. All network components are assembled in a server cabinet and securely centralized in one place.
Advantages of server cabinets

The advantages that professional server cabinets offer you include:

  • Ordered technology in the server cabinet
  • Extensions easily possible
  • Monitoring of technology centralized
  • If necessary, alarm protection
  • Significantly safer data transfer rate
  • Our server cabinets with a width of 800mm are "ETSI ready"
  • Data security according to EU-DSGV

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Why is it called "19 inch"?

Server cabinets are standardized for accommodating devices and components in 19-inch design. 19 inches, i.e. the width of the front panel of the built-in devices, corresponds to a width of 482.6 mm. The IEC standard 60297 is the international standard. In Germany this is listed under DIN 41494.

How do I select my server cabinets?

When selecting a server rack, you should check where the server rack is to be installed, i.e. the location. Whether machine room or office is important, because the technology used also causes a certain noise level. In a machine room, for example, a soundproof server rack would be irrelevant and you can choose a standard 19" server rack. In the office, however, noise is disturbing and it is better to use a soundproof server cabinet.

How wide should server racks be?

There are two different widths of computer cabinets (600 and 800mm). The width of the server rack should only be considered if there is little space available. The 600mm wide server rack is the narrowest version. The 800mm wide server cabinets have slightly more space, which makes service work easier. Both versions are equipped with 19 inch mounting rails.

How deep should server racks be?

In general, you should orientate yourself to the greatest depth of your built-in devices. In addition, you should consider approx. 100 mm space for air at the front and approx. 200 mm free space in the rear for cable management. If you have enough space for your server cabinets, always select the next lower cabinet version for possible future/deeper installations.

What are the differences between server cabinets?

When we talk about server cabinets, we often mean cabinets for 19-inch technology.
Thus server cabinets can be 600 and 800mm wide and also have different depths in several gradations from 600mm to 1200mm. The heights can also be found in several height units (HE or U). All these parameters depend on the area of application and the spatial circumstances.
An important difference is the load capacity of the server cabinets. Standard versions (server rack) have a carrying capacity of approx. 400kg. If the use of heavy installations such as UPS systems or heavy servers requires a higher load-bearing capacity, the next higher load level should be selected. The 19 inch rack RTA can carry up to 1500kg. In data centers with a hot-cold aisle system, the use of server cabinets with an even higher carrying capacity of up to 1800kg (RDA for data centers) is required. This prepares you to be able to install even heavy UPS systems in the server cabinets.

How can I cool server racks?

Server cabinets are designed for the installation of passive and active components that are necessary for EDP. Passive components do not generate heat and are not relevant for heat generation in the cabinet. The active components in the 19-inch server cabinets are different. Active components include servers, switches, UPS, etc., i.e. all devices that supply power and produce heat during their work. The continuous cooling of server cabinets is realized by fans. These are placed on the outer shell of a server cabinet, preferably in the roof. Fan cassettes with several fans and possibly also with a temperature-controlled thermostat effectively bring a vacuum into the server cabinets, which draws the accumulated process heat from the server cabinet. The standard version with fan cassettes are used in all Triton server racks. In areas where low fan noise is important, particularly quiet fan cassettes with silent fans are used.

Can I equip server cabinets with air conditioning?

Active components are used in the 19-inch server cabinets, which produce heat according to their performance. Remedy or cooling can be achieved by fans on the outer shell of the server cabinets. If one wants to extend the cooling e.g. by a compact cooling unit, the action is to be considered with caution. Server cabinets with cooling unit should be largely leak-proof. Air impermeability is important because the temperature differences in the room air (which can flow in unhindered through open server cabinets) and the produced cold air from the cooling unit form condensation water, which must be absolutely avoided. Therefore, you should not use a normal server rack with a cooling unit.