Rack air-conditioned

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Why is a 19 inch server rack air-conditioned?

19 inch servers Rack´s always contain active components ( 19" rack servers). Often one or more 19 inch servers are used to support the EDP technology. This results in more or less power dissipation which produces heat and this must be evacuated from the rack to prevent a device failure. Increased security is ensured by a server rack with an integrated cooling unit, i.e. a rack with an air conditioning unit.

Server rack with cooling technology
For small and medium-sized companies, air-conditioned servers Rack´s are the centre in which all important EDP processes run. They are small autonomous computer centres around the active components, which are necessary for a functioning technology, to guarantee an optimal surrounding field. The advantage of a server rack with autonomous cooling technology is that not an entire room with an air conditioning system is kept at the right temperature, but only a single cabinet. This saves space and energy costs. The cooling technology usually consists of modern compact cooling units which already contain the entire control technology and are therefore also called compact systems. In general, the cooling systems are often placed on the rack roof or on the side. The rack itself should be closed, i.e. relatively tight, to prevent the ingress of ambient air. This avoids the formation of condensate.